Oct 7, 2011

Marvel Super Heroes - Strength and Lifting

It is time to see how Marvel Super Heroes weighs in as a simulator of human lifting abilities. Marvel includes the character creation mechanic of randomly generating the strength attribute such that half of characters are Typical, 20% are each of Poor and Good, and 5% are each of Feeble and Excellent. 

Marvel is another system, like Shadowrun, that requires a roll to determine how much a character can lift in a particular moment, and there is wide variance.  On average, a character of feeble or poor strength in Marvel can not lift anything, which is quite unrealistic.  On average rolls, characters of typical and higher strength can lift about as much as real people can.

The above graph shows the maximum amount that Marvel characters can lift given really good rolls on d100.  The maximum lift is a rare event in the game.  In the game, 5% of people have a 6% chance in any given moment to lift 2000 lbs, which is double the most that any real person has ever lifted.  The top quarter of Marvel characters is able to lift 800 lbs sometimes, which only a bare handful of men in the real world can accomplish.  It is also easily possible (45%) for a stronger than average character to fail to pick up a measly 50 lbs, which is ridiculous. 

Again, I am opposed to such wide variance within a character's moment-to-moment lifting ability.  Marvel may even be a worse simulation than Shadowrun.

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