Jan 29, 2012

Link - Characters Lifting a Rock

This thread on RPG.net is a very humorous (and non-mathematical) approach to comparing a lifting action across systems.

Aberrant: Of course you can lift the rock, and everyone is in awe and/or terrified of you for now.  Ultimately, it won't matter because all your works will be undone and you can't have children.

Mind's Eye Theater Vampire: You bid a strength trait and play RPS, then get distracted when your ex walks by, and gossip and complain about the other players behind their backs until the session ends and everyone gets drunk.


  1. I seriously need to contact you. My email is speedygirl19@aol.com. Please let me know how I can contact you without having to leave details under comments.

  2. Hi there. Surprisingly enough (compared to last comment, damn coincidence) I'd also like to contact you. Its about a RPG mechanics & world I'm building. Being in a technical area, the way the mechanics are made in most RPGs always rubbed me the wrong way.

    Trying to build your own, though, is not at all easy and the temptation to complicate must always be fought. I think I have some really decent and reasonable mechanics, and I need an opinion from someone like you.

    My mail is danceswithmails@gmail.com


  3. Great blog. Given the time since last post, I'm wondering (hoping) if there's any more to come...