Jul 3, 2011

Women's and All Adult Weight Distributions

Continuing to use the EPA data, I plotted out a weight distribution for women.  Unlike the men's distribution, though, women's does not have a normally distributed natural log, so I filled in missing values without an equation.  The women's distribution has a more pronounced curve than men's.  I then figured overall adult weights by weighting and consolodating the men's and women's distributions with the assumption that our adult population is 52% women.

This information will be useful for players of games that take weight into consideration, such as Heavy Gear and Shadowrun.  Readers may want to keep in mind that people's weights peak in late middle age, and are lowest in early adulthood, with an average difference of about 15 lbs.  Also, there are racial differences.  Some supplementary information on racial differences (the EPA only lists Blacks and Whites) can be found here.

 The next step will be to find the proportion of women who weight-train, combine their weights with the deadlifting table, and plot women's deadlifting ability distribution, as well as for all adults, as I have already done for men.

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