Jul 5, 2011

Women's Maximum Deadlifting Distribution

As I have done for men, I came up with a reasonable distribution of the lifting capabilities of US women.  Global data just is not available. The proportion of women who lift weights has nearly tripled over the last two decades to 21%, but this does not tell us what proportion weight-train with the goal of really getting strong.  I estimated some proportions to combine with the deadlifting table for women

It is interesting to note that any person can almost double what they can lift with six months of diligent training.  Also, the proportions of people rigorously training are fluid over time as weight-lifting fluctuates in popularity.  As women's sports have become more popular, and the health benefits of weight training become more obvious with increased scientific research, the curve in these graphs has become less acute, and may continue to straighten out a little in the future.  These graphs are snapshots in time, and do only apply to healthy women who have had the advantages of a first-world nation.  I've got these for you in pounds and kilograms, for your convenience. 

The strongest woman in the world has deadlifted 686 pounds (311 kg), so that is the current 0.000000001 level for women, and requires a life dedicated to building strength. 

For some clean RPG mechanic guidelines, the average woman can lift about 80 lbs (or let's say 35 kg).  A woman who is small and particularly weak should still be able to lift at least half as much.  Women at the 95th percentile can lift twice as much as an average woman.  The hard-training elite can lift four times the average.  These ratios are very similar to those for the men, except that the strongest woman in the world lifts almost nine times the average.

Next post: all adults together, which should really be the standard for developing RPG strength scales.

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